We understand unmaterial as something contrary to the material. Is nothing similar to the immaterial, but a reaction to the material. It’s not the opposite to the material, as can be the immaterial but some kind of fighting with the materiality, in the biggest meanings of this word.
Working with the shortness, with the short possibilities, or may be at the contrary, with the wild possibilities of the unmaterial
Its going to be a research on the materiality of unmateriality as a continuous experiment:
We´ll begin the course with 6 different, quick and personal experiments with some subjects relating to the unmaterial: color (technicolor), artificial light (gleam), revamp, structure (elevate), fournir, and nature.
After that we will move to a phase called BEGET where all of the previous experiments will be fudge on a main project. This project has to be made in collaboration with all the students. We´ll strangle the possibilities of working with the less, even with nothing, or with the few materials at hand in the middle of nowhere.
Because the site proposed for this final project is in the middle of Nowhere, in the nowhere region that is Turkana, in Kenya, in the middle of the most central and arid Africa, a no comparison in the world economy: in the most extreme emptiness.
In a land which is not even a dessert, with no materials, no water, nothing material, but where life happens.
The relation and experience with the site is one of the most important facts in this studio, where we expect students to get the biggest impression of life and therefore of architecture. Probably this will be the most important pedagogic impact in their life. How big impression it could be for an architect working in such extreme conditions, so far from all the concepts and possibilities learned in the MIT?
Personally maybe is something similar to being in the middle of the dessert with yourself, maybe it’s the same as going to the only things that really matters. An experience like this is something that maybe never will be possible again in the future. This redi
The project has to be a multipurpose building that has to be constructed, we have to arrive to the last detail and we´ll end the course in a summer workshop with all the students and some more going to the site for making the building real.


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