Active Bundled Structures

This approach looks at using traditional building materials, but formulates a new structural approach to them.

A strong precedent for possible forms and computational methods is the work of Martin Tamke.  Of course he is using standardized materials and digital fabrication techniques that would not be available at our site, so an approach would have to be developed whereby computation gives us a general form and list of “parts” (i.e., sticks to find of a certain length/pliability) but there would have to be a lot of tolerance for changes in the form as constructed.

Page404_2 Page403_1 Page403_2 Page403_3 Page404_1

Tom Bissel also creates work using these systems and provides a precedent for easily measuring pliability.32_Bessai_iconPage312_2 Page312_1

Claus Rytter Bruun de Neergaard has collaborated with Martin Tamke on this pavilion, which uses specific nodes to shape the structure.


Here I’ve attempted my own structures without computation to see the possibility of using an “intuition” approach for design and construction.

IMG_7573 IMG_7574 IMG_7576 IMG_7582 IMG_7584


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