Group Aspirations

Team – Goals

1. Interests

2. Goal

Tyler S. 

1. Thatching, Vegetation

2. Create new forms using thatching

Tyler C. 

1. Materials – Soil, bricks, geology, thermal properties

2. Create something useful for community


1. Wall system using rammed earth

2. Make building sensitive to climate


1. Construction details, simple tools we can bring to Kenya which enable new ways of using available materials

2. Make a great building


1. Atmosphere / gorgeous space – responsive to climate, culture, place – respectful to color texture / material / facade / light – catalog of options

2. Be respectful to place


1. Nomadic architecture, minimal materials that are respectful to climate (ie. waving patterns)

2. Respectful to traditions of the people.


1. Technical research into primitive structures in relation to climate. Adaptive architecture.

2. Something that transforms the way the people live


1. Make tools for team to design and test light-weight structures and materials

2. Team works well together


1. Rammed Earth

2. Sensitive to other cultures


1. Design /build aspect, production  -> drawing, model, prototype

2. New application / design components w/ their materials that they can produce themselves


1. Perception of space.  Lightweight structures, thermal properties of architecture.

2. Create something that is comfortable.



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