Lake Turkana

Lake_turkana_satellite lake_turkana_1 Flamingo Lake, Central Island, Lake Turkana, Kenya Lake Turkana, Kenya

These photos all come from Lake Turkana or the Lake Turkana Region. The Turkana tribe populates the Northwest part of Kenya (west of the lake). The Turkana people are semi-nomadic pastoralists, known for raising camels and weaving baskets. Livestock (such as goats, camels and donkeys) are used as both livestock and currency.

Lake Turkana is the world’s largest desert lake, over 250 km long. 3 rivers flow into the lake. It has an active volcano in the lake, known as Central Island. The northern and western sides are lower in elevation and the southern and eastern sides have rocky shorelines. The winds that come off the lake can be very strong; violent storms are frequent. Currently there are plans (and supposed funds) to construct 360 wind turbines around the lake to produce clean power. While it sustains many Kenyan tribes, the lake also sustains a variety of wildlife, including the Nile crocodile (with the world’s largest population of them in the lake).

The ecosystem around the lake is classified as desert and xeric scrubland. There is very little moisture, poor soil conditions and mostly clay-based.

The lake is also an UNESCO world heritage site.


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